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Banana To Cure Migraine and Anxiety

Banana has soft texture and sweet taste, felt solid and satiate. Besides we can eat it directly, this fruit is suitable as an ingredient in various cakes. Apparently, this fruit is not only delicious food, but it also can cure migraine and anxiety. Banana contains potassium that is well-known to reduce anxiety after people drink espresso. When people consume too much caffeine, some electrolytes such as potassium in their bodies are reduced. That’s why experts suggest that people should eat banana that contains high potassium.

Banana is also effective to treat acute migraine. A woman from West Sussex in England confessed that she had suffered migraine for 20 years. But, she healed after she ate banana every several hours.

Headache generally is caused by foods that contain high sugar such as chocolate, sweets and wine. High blood sugar in body can be neutralized by carbohydrate and potassium that are found in banana.


“Avoid certain foods can prevent headache or migraines. That’s why a food that contains carbohydrate like banana is effective to prevent migraine attack that is caused by high blood sugar,” Dr. Andy Dawson, King’s College Hospital Head of Services said.

Banana is not only effective to deal with migraine. It also can prevent excessive hunger and to reduce weight. Banana can be consumed during breakfast or as a snack.

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