Banana Peel To Treat Acne

A clean and smooth face is something that all women want to have. But, the reality is some of us struggling to have that. Some have a problem with a dull face, other with oily face or acne. Of course we need to treat acne immediately before it’s getting worse.

If you like to eat banana, you’re lucky since you can use banana peel to treat acne. Banana is rich in antioxidant and can nourish skin well, but its peel is also useful especially to treat acne. How can we use it as a home remedy for acne?

Take some bananas and set aside their peels. You can mash the peels or just rub them on your face as facial mask (just like when you use cucumber slices). But, you need to make sure that the peels are not blackish. If they are too black, you need to replace them with new ones. Keep rubbing them on your face for 10 minutes and after that, leave them for another 10 minutes. You can also let them for one hour.

banana peel

The acid and junk from banana peels are very good to clean face and reduce excessive oil from face. For faster and optimal results, do this treatment regularly every day. You can do this in the night, so your face can rest better. This facial mask will reduce inflammation on acne and accelerate the healing of inflamed acne.

During the treatment, don’t use too much makeup and wash your face just with water. Try to avoid oily and fatty foods as well.

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