Avocado, Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Secret

Do you want to know what is the beauty secret of Victoria Beckham? Apparently, the wife of David Beckham doesn’t use expensive product, or famous beauty products to make her look fresh and beautiful.

Even though she always looks glamorous, apparently Victoria Beckham prefers to use natural ingredients to maintain her beauty. One of those natural ingredients is avocado.


Victoria Beckham (GlobalTrendNews).
Victoria Beckham (GlobalTrendNews).

As quoted from Huffington Post, Saturday (27/9), Victoria confessed that she always uses avocado scrub to maintain her beauty.

“It is easy to make. You only need to mash avocado until it turns into paste, add bit water and apply it on your face. Wait for 15 minutes and wash your face with water,” Victoria Beckham said. She doesn’t add other ingredients to her avocado scrub.

“There are many benefits of the avocado scrub. It will make your skin softer, it will clean dirty particles from your face,” she added.

Apparently, Victoria has been using various natural ingredients to maintain her beauty since she was a kid. One of her favorite homemade facial masks is oatmeal and honey facial mask. She mixes oatmeal and honey and uses it on her face and body to make them softer and fragrance.

Victoria also uses yogurt and honey as ingredients of her homemade scrub. This homemade scrub is easy to make and has various benefits for your body. Even though she used to experiment to make homemade scrub when she was a kid, she ever made a mistake when she made scrub from Aloe Vera. She had allergic reaction to Aloe Vera and her skin reddened the next day.

“In the night I applied Aloe Vera on my face. In the next morning, my face reddened, swollen and exfoliated. I felt embarrassed, moreover I had a plan to go date with one of my male friends,” she said.

“So, when you make scrub, you need to know if the ingredients are suitable with your skin or not,” she added.

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