Avocado as Home Remedy

avocado, natural remedy
Apparently, avocado has many benefits for our health. We can use it for its diuretic property or as anti-bacteria. There are various diseases that can be handled by its leaf or meat.

Avocado leaf as home remedy for kidney stone

Take 7 leaves of fresh avocado and boil them in a glass of hot water. Drink twice a day. Once at the morning and once at the afternoon after the kidney stone is gone.

Avocado  as home remedy for dry skin

Smash avocado’s meat and apply it on your face. Use it as a mask for 15 minutes. And wash your face with lukewarm water. Then, use cold water to wash your face. Do this at night.

Avocado leaf as home remedy for hypertension

Take three leaves of avocado and boil them in a glass of water. After the boiled water is cold, drink it once a day.
avocado, natural remedy

Avocado  as home remedy for swelling

 Take one avocado and smash it. Add a little water until it becomes pulp, then smear it on the swelling area of your body.

Avocado leaf as home remedy for lumbago

Take five leaves of avocado and boil them in two glass of water until one glass of water left. Let the water for one night. Drink it in the next day. Do it regularly for a week.

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