Aromatic Ginger, The Secret of Indonesia’s Minister of Health To Living Healthy

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Indonesia’s Minister of Health Nila Moeloek was 69 years old, but it didn’t prevent her to be active all day. Her secret to living healthy apparently was not expensive and could be obtained easily. Nila regularly consumed jamu every day to improve her body immune system.

Aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galanga) and temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) were two ingredients that she drank at least once a day. Nila also often to try other jamu beverages to improve her vitality every day. “I just tried lemongrass water and lime which was tasted good,” she said to, Friday (24/8).

According to Nila, jamu could be used to replace supplements that were mixed with chemicals. For instance, orange juice is the main source of vitamin C. Consuming orange juice was better than consuming Vitamin C supplements. Consuming something natural was better because it’s using all the benefits in the fruits, vegetables or spices.

Nila was sure that all jamu recipes were created with good intentions. However, she chose popular jamu which was proven effective by the public. Jamu was used to maintain health by preventing diseases not to cure diseases. She hoped that more jamu recipes were proven clinically, not just by popularity.

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