Apple Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

apple home remedy for hypertension

Eating an Apple a day without peeling its skin can prevent high blood pressure. Canadians researchers found that Apple is a food that more effective to cure diseases than any other super foods. In fact, it is more effective than green tea or blueberry as a source of antioxidant and contains flavonoid, a compound that is effective to fight various life-threatening diseases.

As quoted from Times of India, researchers fromĀ  Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Canada tested Apple skin and Apple meat separately. Apparently, Apple skin is six times more effective to prevent an enzyme called ACE, which is well known as the cause of hypertension and low blood pressure. The research results were published in Food Chemistry journal in October, 29th last year.

apple, home remedy for high blood pressure

“Apple is one of the most popular fruits that often to be consumed all around the world,” Times of India wrote as it quoted the researchers.

“Apple’s skin is a resource richest of flavonoid that provides various health benefits, amongst others is to prevent ACE enzyme that causes hypertension,” the researchers added.

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