Akar Kuning (Arcangelicia flava) in Borneo is Scarce

Akar kuning (Arcangelicia flava) from medicinal plant Kayu Kuning (Arcangelicia flava Merr) is scarce these days.

“It is very hard to get akar kuning in forest,” Uyang, one tribe member of Dayak Kenyah, Sangatta, Eastern Borneo said as quoted from Antara News.

Uyang, who lived in Dusun II Sangkima Lama Village, South Sangatta, Eastern Kutai, Borneo said that akar kuning is used for various traditional medicines.

This medicinal plant once could be found easily in forests, but now it’s scarce because the deforestation done by companies and people.

Akar Kuning (Herbal Indo Shop).

Borneo forests including East Kutai had many special plants that could be used as traditional medicines to treat stomach ache, headache, jaundice, malaria and also to maintain health.

“There was also a plant that could ward venom from snake bite and etc, but there are no more,” Uyang said without mentioned the name of the plant.

According to research done by Prof Dr Ir Sulanjari from Sebelas Maret University (UNS), akar kuning (Arcangelicia flava) from medicinal plant Kayu Kuning (Arcangelicia flava Merr) can be used as anti-cancer and anti-malaria.
Health Benefits of Akar Kuning:

-Improve liver function

-Heal hepatitis

-Improve body immune system

-Heal jaundice

-Heal diabetes

-Reduce serum transaminase level

-As anti cancer

-As anti malaria

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