After School’s Nana Shared The Secrets of Her Slim Body

Popularity of After School’s Nana continues to rise after she got the title as the most beautiful woman in the world by TC Candler. The impact starts to show on Nana’s life. Whatever this actress does always draw public’s attentions.

For instance, when Nana featured in a famous magazine. Nana’s photos mostly exposed her boy curve and they drew public’s attentions. In one photo, Nana wore mini white gown that exposed her long legs. In other photo, she used black crop top and long black pants. The top exposed her slim abs.

After School's Nana
After School’s Nana

Nana admitted that it was not easy to get the beautiful body. She needed to work hard to get the body she wanted.

“I work out diligently and also consume low sodium foods and healthy food,” Nana said as quoted by Toogle.

Her hard work was paid off. People praised her. “Her body is sexy,” one netizen wrote. “Nana indeed has a sexy body,” he added.

“Wow, her body made me jealous. Want to have a body like hers,” other netizen commented.


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