8 Beauty Rituals of Korean Women Revealed

Korean women are well known for their bright and blameless skins. Just take a look at Go Hyun Jung, this actress still looks fresh even she is in her 40s. In a documentary titled “Go Hyun Jung’s Texture” she revealed her beauty ritual secrets. She said that skin treatment is a priority for most Korean women. They spend hours to clean their faces.

Stylecraze.com wrote that Korean women don’t have to spend a lot of money to do their beauty treatments. What they really need just regularity to do these treatments:

1. Keep the skin moist

Korean women believe that drink many mineral water make their skins glow. They start their days by drinking a glass of water and splash their faces with cool water. They also never forget to include vegetables in their diets, so their bodies keep hydrated.

2. Clean skin

Korean actress Suzy Bae, introduced 424 techniques to treat face, among others are: clean face using coconut oil, almond or cleansing oil for 4 minutes. Then, use facial foam for 2 minutes and wash your face for 4 minutes.

The next step is using toner. Then, use moisturizer with special technique. First, pour the moisturizer to palm, rub it using palms until it feels warm. After that, apply it on all areas on face and neck.

3. Mask

Use mask for face is a must for Korean women. Traditional mask that they use is baekgangjam, which is a mask made from cocoon. They believe it can whiten skin naturally.

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4. Neck treatment

Go Hyun Jung said that she always treats her neck from jaw to chest area. Read How to Maintain the Beauty of Neck and Chest Skin

Go Hyun Jung
Go Hyun Jung


5. Maintain sleep time

Beautiful skin is also affected by sleeping time. They sleep at least for 6-8 hours a day.

6. Choose treatment products

Korean skin treatment products now are popular all around the world. Koreans themselves choose products that they will use carefully. Most Korean women use 10 to 20 skin treatment products daily. Can you imagine how many times they use to treat their faces? The most important thing for them is choosing products that are suitable for their skin types.

7. Stretching

Korean women not only use skin treatments. They also exercise for their faces. Almost all Korean women diligently do face stretching by saying ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ ten times. This stretching is meant to stretch lip and cheek muscles.

8. Simple makeup

Korean women don’t like to use thick makeup. They like to use simple makeup. Use eyeliner, mascara, gel for eyebrows, lipstick or lip gloss.




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