7 Signs of Heart Attack on Women

Heart is one of important organs that should be kept healthy. Heart diseases on women usually are caused by lack of oxygen supply to heart, so it doesn’t work well.
One report on journal Prevention, every year there are women died due to heart attack. It means women indeed have bigger risk to suffer heart attack than men.
As a silent killer, basically this disease also has symptoms that people are not aware of. If you understand these symptoms, you can detect and prevent heart attack earlier. So, here are several signs of heart attack:

heart attack

Extreme fatigue

Job factor or heavy exercise can cause fatigue. However, when you feel tired after did a light physical activity, you should be alarmed. About 70 percent of extreme fatigue conditions are early sign of heart attack due to lack of oxygen supply to heart.

Light sore

This light sore not only happens on heart area. This sore can happen on another areas such as chest bones, upper back, shoulder, neck and even jaws.


Hands or another parts of our bodies that are sweating often can be related with cardiovascular diseases. When you are sweating while the temperature is normal, and you are not doing any activity, then you should be aware. This can be a sign of heart disease that can be showed with pale face as well.

Dizzy and nausea

These conditions often happen to about 39 percent of women that also suffer digestion problem. If the problem is intense, you not only feel dizzy, but you will also pass out because you cannot bear with the pain.

Hard to breathe

Almost 58 % of women suffer inability to manage their breath. This can be caused extreme fatigue that comes after we did heavy activities.


This disorder is the one that makes coronary heart diseases on women. Hard to sleep condition or insomnia is experienced by about 48 percent women, and will happen for several months. Not only that, long sleep quality can’t help you sleep well.


Body will give a signal that you are anxious. This can happen because your psychological condition, for instance you are stressed out. This condition can trigger sudden heart attack.

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