7 Myths about Coffee Debunked

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. People consider this drink as a morning drink to boost their energy levels. Unfortunately, as it starts to be a popular drink, there are various myths about this black drink. What are those myths?

Coffee triggers stress

This is not true. Even, coffee is a natural stimulant that can makes our body more energized. This myth appears because coffee holds adenosine production, which is responsible to reduce stress.

Coffee causes insomnia

Its energy stimulant is considered as the factor that triggers insomnia. Caffeine will not stay for long time in body. After we consume it, caffeine will be produced directly in heart and then, removed from the body in 5 hours. So, if you only consume coffee 2-3 glasses a day, it will not cause insomnia for you.

Coffee causes cancer

This myth that is circulating in the society is that drinking coffee regularly can cause cancer. There are many scientists tried to find out the correlation between coffee and cancer and they found no correlation at all.

Coffee doesn’t have health benefits

On the contrary, coffee contains antioxidants that can improve hearth health. Coffee can slow down aging and makes people look younger. There is research that suggested coffee could help fighting cancer.

Consume coffee regularly can help improve concentration levels and makes brain works efficiently. In other sides, research also mentioned that coffee could reduce depression in females.

Caffeine is addictive

Caffeine doesn’t cause addiction. Drinking coffee two or four glasses ever day won’t cause addiction like when we consume alcohol or drugs.

Coffee causes miscarriage

There is no correlation between coffee and miscarriage. Besides that, drinking coffee every day won’t reduce eggs productions.

Coffee triggers osteoporosis

This myth is wrong because osteoporosis is caused by calcium and vitamin D deficiency in body. There are other factors that can cause osteoporosis such as lack of exercises, smoking, and low level of estrogen.

So, after you know that these common myths are wrong, you can consume your coffee again happily. Don’t forget to share this article if you think it’s helpful. Don’t miss useful articles about health and home remedies, subscribe to our blog via email or follow us on Facebook.



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