6 Home Remedies for Brigther Skin

It is useless if you spend hundred dollars for skin lightening product and treatments such as skin lightening laser treatment if you don’t do treatment from inside. Natural skin lightening treatment also important to support another treatments that we do. Eat natural and healthy food can be consider as natural treatment. With good nutrition, skin will be healthy and automatically brighter. What kinds of foods that we must eat to prevent our skin darker and muddy?

1. Orange

All kind of oranges, such as Bali orange, are Vitamin sources that have many benefits for skin. Vitamin C enhances collagen and elastin production in our body, which have functions to reduce wrinkling and prevent skin aging. It is believed can slow down melanin production, the pigment that makes our skin look darker. Try to eat fresh orange once a day. Besides orange, tomato also a fruit that riches with vitamin C.


2. Red and green vegetables

Spinach, carrot, broccoli, and others contain plenty of beta-carotene that have a function as anti-oxidant for skin. Besides preventing cell damage, beta-carotene also will be changed by body into vitamin A that is useful to combat acne, produces new skin cells, and makes skin brighter and younger. It would be better if we can get vitamin A from natural foods and not from supplement because too much vitamin A can disturb our health.


3. Fish

This water creature riches for Omega-3 fatty acid that is the main recipe for brighter skin. Besides that, consume sardine, tuna or salmon that rich with protein can help protect our skin from sunlight exposure and pollution. Protein that is contain in fish helps cell reproduction and make skin looks shinny.


4. Avocado

Avocado is vitamin E resource. It is useful to prevent aging and cleans skin from dirt such as acne scars, black spots, and other problems. Consume avocado regularly also will prevent skin become loose as we are growing older.


5. Wheat

We can get wheat on cereal or breath, wheat contains biotin that has a function to help body cell to process fat. Lack of biotin can make our skin dry and muddy.


6. Olive oil

What is the healthiest food for our skin? Fruit salad and vegetables that is splashed with olive oil. This oil contains essential fatty acid to make our skin lighter, shinny and healthy.

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