6 Health Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric is a spice that is often to use to give yellow color naturally in foods. More than that, turmeric apparently has various health benefits. Here are six health benefits of turmeric:

1. Treat stomach problems

Heartburn or other abdominal pains can be treated with turmeric. According to research in 1989, turmeric supplement can be more effective to treat heartburn and indigestion than placebo.

2. Prevent heart attack

Turmeric contains curcumin. This substance is considered the main ingredient that makes turmeric is useful for our health. According to study in 2012, curcumin can prevent heart attack. This research followed 121 patients that went through heart bypass surgery in 2009 and 2011.

Three days before surgery, 50 percent of patients were given curcumin capsules, where the rest consumed placebo pills. The result, 30 percent of patients who were given placebo suffered heart attacks, while only 13 percent of patient who consumed curcumin supplements, suffered heart attacks. Even though curcumin cannot be used as a replacement for heart medications, researchers found that curcumin as antioxidant and anti-inflammation could reduce heart attacks up to 65 percent.


3. Prevent diabetes

According to study result in 2012, consume curcumin capsules can delay pre diabetes stage turn into diabetes type 2. More than 9 months, research participants were given curcumin supplement or placebo pills. The result, only 16 percent of people who consumed curcumin pills were diagnosed for diabetes type 2.

4. Treat cancer

Turmeric can heal cancer. Research on animals indicated that curcumin in turmeric can fight cancer diseases. Curcumin can disturb cancer cells growth or development. Curcumin also can prevent cancer cells from spreading. According to American Cancer Society, curcumin can kill cancer cells, shrinks tumor and improves chemotherapy effects on animals. However, the research on human were just in the early stage.

5. Protect brain functions

According to newest research, scientists found ar-turmeron or turmeron aromatic can also be found in turmeric can help stem cells recovery in brain. This study looked the effects of ar-turmeron in mice, which had the similar stem cells on brains of human adult. This stem cell is related to recovery process of neurodegenerative disease such as stroke and alzheimer’s. This research concluded that ar-turmeron had potency as a medicine to treat diseases that attacked brain. The newest study also suggested that turmeric could improve memories in patients with alzheimer’s.

6. Reduce joint pain

Benefits of turmeric on people who suffered joint pains had been observed. Scientiests found that turmeric extract was similar with ibuprofen effects that were used to reduce pain in people who suffered osteoarthritis in knees.

However, if you are undergo some medical treatments or want to try to use turmeric extracts to treat certain diseases, it is better to consult with your doctors first.

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