5 Secrets of Korean Women for White and Blameless Skins

South Korea enchants the world that everything it has, the world wants it as well. From fashion, hair styles, songs, soap opera, TV series to the beauties that its women have. People wonder how Korean women have blameless, bright skins.

Some people think that it is because plastic surgery. But we know that the procedure is not enough to maintain blameless, bright skins. Just until we observe how Korean women maintain their skins, we can know the secrets:

Whitening products

Korean women like to use beauty products that contain whitening to prevent pigmentation. Various active whitener are found in various cosmetic products and skin cares from niacinamide, retinoat acid to kojic acid.

Secrets of Korean Beauties.
Secrets of Korean Beauties.

Actually, not all of that whitener are good. If we use them excessively, they will cause hyperpigmentaion and worsen skin sensitivity. But, various whitening products can help skin replacement process. That’s why, these Korean women keep using them to make their skins white, bright and blameless.

Sunblock obsession

Korean women consider sunblocks as clothes, they apply it whenever they go. Sunblocks will help protect faces from sunlight exposure and prevent radiation that damages skins as well as darken them. That’s why, whenever they go, Korean women like to apply sunblocks to their faces, ears, necks to cover their skins.

Sunblocks that has minimum SPF 15 are recommended. However most sunblocks in Korea has SPF 25/PA++ even SPF 50 to give longer protection.

Using facial mask

If you like to watch Korean movies, you will see that the female characters are shown to wear facial masks in various scenes. Apparently, the scenes depict their habits in true life as well. Korean women like to wear facial masks whether they are made from fruits or vegetables. The function of facial mask is to treat and nourish skins.

Their favorite facial masks are fruit, yogurt and honey facial masks to give humidity and tend to match various skin types.

Skin massages

Massage and relaxation are mandatory for Korean women. They are not satisfied with just applying gel or lotion. To improve and stimulate blood circulation under the skin, and make their skins look fresh and soft, they use roller facial massagers.

This tool usually is equipped with 2,4 or 8 rolls.

BB and CC Creams

BB (Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) cream or CC (Colour Control, Colour Correcting or Complexion Care) cream are so popular today. They are used as foundation and powder, but both are lighter and don’t block skin pores.

There are other benefits that they have such as acne cleaners, sunscreen. That’s why these two creams are their favorites.

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