5 Popular Coffees from Indonesia

luwak, asian palm civet

Indonesia is not only well-known because of Bali Island or batik. Coffee from Indonesia is also popular. Even Oprah Winfrey ever discussed one of Indonesian coffees on her show, “Oprah Winfrey Show.” As we know, coffee has various health benefits such as reduce the risk of prostate cancer, diabetes, lower the risk of death and many more. If you are bored with your regular coffee, and want to try delicious coffees from Indonesia, here are some recommendations for you:

Civet coffee

This coffee is made by coffee beans that have been eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus). It has unique taste and is more acidic than other coffees because its bitter taste is gone after the fermentation processes. Besides that, civet coffee has aroma of caramel and cacao, that’s why it becomes a coffee with richest flavor in the world.

And because that’s reason, civet coffee is the most expensive in the world. A pound of civet coffee is sold for $600. A cup of civet coffee is sold for $50.

Wamena coffee

This coffee is from Papua and has smooth texture with less caffeine. Some coffee lovers consider this coffee has similar taste with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, which is Arabica coffee that is planted in Blue Mountain. No wonder if Wamena coffee becomes the favorite one all around the world. This coffee even becomes one of many coffee contributors of the number one coffee shop in the USA.

Toraja Coffee

Toraja coffee is planted in Kolosi in Tanah Toraja, Indonesia. This coffee has low acidic content and has soil blend flavor. This coffee was the second best coffee in the world. Japanese coffee lovers consider Toraja coffee as a special one.

Gayo Coffee

This Arabica coffee is from Tanah Gayo, Aceh. Its taste has been acknowledge by a world coffee tester, Christopher Davidson. In the cupping score that was done by Specialty Coffee Association of America, Gayo coffee reached high score, 85. This coffee is also one of favorite coffees in the North America.

Kintamani Coffee

This Arabica coffee is from Bali. It has smooth and sweet taste. This coffee is produced with subak abian system that supports organic coffee processing.

This coffee has Geographic Indication certificate from CIRAD (Centre de Cooperation en Recherches Agronomiques pour le Development), France as unique coffee from Bali. Most Kintamani coffee productions are exported to Japan.




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