5 Natural Remedies To Cure Acne

Acne often bothers our confidence, while acne treatment products that are offered on market can’t stop acne from coming back.

So, it’s better for us to prevent than to cure acne with natural treatment. Here, five natural ways to treat acne:

1. Eat garlic more

Garlic can destroy harmful bacteria on skin pores. Besides that, garlic also enhances body immune system, including skin immunity. So, we can prevent acne by eating more garlic.

2. Sunbath

Skin needs sunlight so we can maintain its health so its cells can perfectly active. Let our skins are exposed by sunlight especially in the morning for at least 15 minutes every day.

3. Exercise and sleep well

Stress that you have daily also will trigger hormone unbalance and end up with the appearance of acne. Exercise and sleep well will help body to maintain the balance of your hormones.

4. Wash our face with warm water

Acne can appear because dirt that settle on skin pores. Warm water will make the pores opened for a while, so face foam or acne treatment product can clean your face maximally. After it cleans, wash your face again with normal water, so the pores will close again.

5. Clean your body from toxin

Less clean foods and pollution that we experience every day can be toxin and stimulate the emergence of acne on our skin. We can do natural detoxification by drinking enough mineral water every day. Toxin that is stored in our body will be washed out with dirt and sweat, so our acne will be gone too.

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