5 Medicinal Plants to Cure Mouth Ulcer

akar alang.

At least 80 percent of Indonesians have suffered mouth ulcers. Yes, this mouth disease is simple, yet it makes people unconformtable because it makes them difficult to speak, chew or swallow.

To treat it, most people still depend on traditional way such as eating fruit or gargling with salt water. Indeed, there is no medicine to cure this disease. “There is no medicine to cure. What exist are medicines to accelerate healing process, but they don’t prevent it to be relapsed again,” mouth health specialist, dr Harum Sasanti drg SpPM, said during a statement in FX Sudirman, Jakarta.

She later discussed about traditional medicine that has been believed as a way to cure mouth ulcer. “As long as jamu or herbal or traditional medicine can handle the predisposition that trigger mouth ulcer, of course it is useful,” she said.

In other side, Dr Abrijanto as Business Development Director PT Deltomed Laboratories suggested five medicinal plants that help accelerating the healing process:

1. Saga rambat (saga areuy /Abrus precatorius)

“Saga leaves can be used to gargle and it has cooling nature and makes mouth more conformtable,” Dr Abri said.

2. Seruni (Chrysanthemums)

This herbal has been used for long times in China as medicinal plant. Seruni or chrysanthemums contains vitamin C, which helps amino acid to repair colagen in the ulcer.

3. Thyme

Plants that live in cold area has active substace caled terpinen that has a cooling effect, antivungal and antibacterial.

4. Akar manis (Licorice)

Its sweet content is 25 times more powerful than sugar. Plus it has antiinflammation, this plant is useful to reduce ulcer pain.

5. Akar alang (Imperata cylindrica)

akar alang.

This plant can be found anywhere and has characteristic where its top is similar with squirrel’s tail. The rhyzome has active substance and its leaves have antipryetic effects.

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