5 Health Benefits of Mung Beans Porridge For Your Kids

In Indonesia, every time children get immunization shots at health centers, paramedics always provide mung bean porridge. Most people only think that the porridge only to fill the stomachs.
But, apparently, it is not the only reason. There are several benefits of mung beans for health, especially for kids.

1. Highly nutritional and good for growth

According to dr. Karin Wiradarma from KlikDokter, mung beans, whether they are cooked as porridge or as a mixture in any soups, are rich in protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Mung beans consist of 20 to 40 percent protein.

“Protein in a bowl of mung bean porridge has various benefits. It can help growth and brain development, helps metabolism and improves children body immune systems,” dr. Karin explained.

If you want your children to have ideal heights and weights, mung bean porridge can be one of the solutions. This is because it contains calcium, iron, and also carbohydrate that are very important for children growth.

2. Improve digestion and reduces risks of heart diseases

The fiber in vegetables and fruits are very good for our kids’ digestion. But, not all kids like to eat vegetables and fruits. One solution is by giving them mung bean porridge. It is rich in fiber but delicious.

Not only does it improves digestive systems, but the porridge can reduce risks of heart diseases. The antioxidant properties in the nuts can prevent all damages or inflammation on organs, especially the hearts. While its phytosterol antioxidant can control blood fat in children.

3. Prevent anemia in children

Anemia is a health disorder due to lack of iron. Without enough iron, bodies cannot produce hemoglobin, which functions to distribute oxygen throughout the bodies. Children with anemia will be tired easily and have pale faces. Mung bean porridge can be a healthier option to provide enough iron for your children.

Besides mung beans, other beans such as soybeans, red beans, almond, pistachio, and cashew are good to fight anemia.

4. Good for bone health

During growth, it is important for children to have strong bones. With strong bones, our kids can do various activities so they will become smart and healthy kids. Besides milk, mung beans can also maintain bone health. In 100 gram of mung beans, there is 189 mg magnesium that is needed by the body to reduce the risks of osteoporosis.

To optimize the benefits, it is better to make mung bean porridge with milk and not coconut milk.

5. Thicken you children hair

According to dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini from KlikDokter, beside genetic factors, pregnant mothers who consume mung beans regularly will have babies with thick hair.

“Yes, mung beans can thicken babies’ hair. But, actually, it is not just hairs, mung beans can also help maximize fetus development in the womb,” she said.

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