5 Health Benefits of Galangal (Laos/Lengkuas)


Indonesia is rich in spices. And, because of that, some countries wanted to control it and finally they invaded Indonesia. One of spices that is commonly found and used in this country is lengkuas or in Javanese called laos (in English, Galangal).

So, what are the health benefits of galangal?

1. Rich in nutrition

Lengkuas or galangal is rarely eaten raw, but it is rich in fiber that is good for digestion. It also contains iron, sodium, vitamin A, C, flavonoid, fitonutrient, emodin, beta sitosterol, quercetin and galangin.

2. Treat seasickness, motion sickness and morning sickness

Galangal has a strong aroma that can relieve nausea. For pregnant women who suffer morning sickness that they lose their appetites, they can use this as home remedy. Brew galangal with warm water and honey, and drink it. The aroma and concoction can reduce nausea.

If you suffer seasickness or motion sickness, you can use galangal as well. You can also use it to treat diarrhea since it has anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties.


3. Improve blood circulation

Galangal juice might sound unfamiliar for you, but the juice is rich in health benefits. You can consume it to improve blood circulation.

4. Treat burn and itchy

if you have itchy skin, then you can mash galangal and apply the pulp on the skin to accelerate the healing and prevents the itchy spreads.

Galangal pulp can be applied topically on your skin diseases since it contains 40 different antioxidants. It even protects skin from aging. It also can treat burn. Apply the pulp on skin 2-3 times a day and your itchy skin or burn will be healed faster.

5. Strengthen hair roots and improves hair health

If you drink galangal juice, you can maintain hair health and hair roots as well. This benefit is related to galangal’s ability to improve blood circulation, which eventually maximize the distribution of oxygen and nutrition to your head.

So, we know that lengkuas is not only a spice for our foods, but it also contains various health benefits and can be used to cure various diseases.

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