5 Health Benefits of Durian


If we talk about a fruit that has sharp thorns that we mostly think about durian. It is one of Indonesian original fruits that is favored and said as the most delicious fruit. It has strong and typical aroma, its meats are soft and sweet. No wonder if there are many people who like it.

Apparently, besides having a delicious taste and unique aroma, durian also has various health benefits. At least, there are five health benefits of durian:

1. Energy source

Durian is well known as a fruit that contains vitamin, protein and carbohydrate. And because those nutrition, durian can be a good source of energy. In 100 gram of durian, it can fulfill 21 % of carbohydrate needs in body.


2. Fights depression

Some studies proved that vitamin B6 in durian was important to improve serotonin level in body. Serotonin itself is a substance in body that affects emotion and mind conditions. The lower of serotonin production, the bigger depression risk that someone can suffer.

3. Prevent aging

Do you want to stay young and have a healthy body? You can try consume durian to achieve that. It has high vitamin C content, which can prevent aging. Besides vitamin C, durian is known to have high antioxidant.

4. Normalize blood pressure

If you have problems with your blood pressure, there is nothing wrong if you try durian to treat it. A study mentioned that durian would help to normalize blood pressure. The study believed that durian could prevent hypertension and other similar diseases.

5. Maintain digestive health

Durian is a fruit that can help digestive system health. The fiber in durian can prevent infection in intestine, treat constipation and other digestive disorders. Thiamin and niacin in durian can improve our appetites and improve our digestive health.

Besides the health benefits above, durian is also good for people with diabetes since it normalizes blood sugar in body, improves body immune system and libido.

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