5 Celebrity Worst Diet Programs

Celebs mostly have perfect physics. Thus, it’s not something weird if many people are curious about what they are doing to have attractive physics or perfect body shapes. But, apparently it’s not always safe to follow their steps including their diet programs.

From many ways celebrities did to maintain their bodies, here are five diet programs that you shouldn’t follow:

1. Blood type diet

Cheryl Cole is one fans of this diet, which is based on fake science. This diet claims that nutrition is broken in different ways in human bodies depends on each person’s blood type. Some methods among others are not consuming milk product or only eat meat and can’t eat grain or seeds. Are you confused?

Well, this diet cause calcium deficiency that can increase the risk of bone fracture. If your weight is reduced after you follow this diet, it is because you limit your calorie intake drastically.

2. Maple Syrup diet

Naomi Campbell’s favorite diet obliges us to drink a compound that is made from maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper up to nine times a day. This diet doesn’t have nutrition value, even causes protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral deficiency. This diet makes you lose your weight because it limits your calorie intake in extreme ways. Besides that, this diet is dangerous for health and boring.


3. Cabbage soup diet

Sarah Michelle Gellar allegedly likes this diet. She claims that this diet is powerful to burn fat, although it is not scientific maybe. Although you lose your weight because you lose water and calorie limitation, this diet is lack of nutrition and is not safe.

4. Baby food diet

This diet is followed by Jennifer Aniston, and it obliges us to eat up to 14 bottles of baby food every day. You are allowed to eat adult food once a time. This diet depends on portion control and calorie limitation by eating baby food. But, of course only eat porridge will make you keep hungry. Avoid this diet unless if you are a baby.

5. Dukan diet

Katherine Jenkins reportedly likes the diet that has four steps. Dukan is a diet program based on protein. But, unfortunately it isn’t based on medical science. This diet works by limiting food and calorie in such way that is not recommended by medical science. This diet is so confusing, so it will make you only eat protein, which is not good for your health.

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