4 Tips from Katy Perry to Get Bright, Blameless Skin

katy perry beauty secret revealed

Pop star Katy Perry is not only well-known for her songs,  woman who has a real name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is also adored by both men and women for her white and blameless skin. So, what are her secrets? During one interview, Katy didn’t feel hesitant to share her secrets:

1. Start it early

Smooth, blameless skin that Katy Perry has is not an instant result. She has been starting to maintain her skin beauty since she was teen. Katy always uses standard treatment such as washing her face in the morning and before she sleeps, using moisturizer in the morning and night cream. She believes that skin care doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. The standard is enough as long as you do that regularly.

2. Moisturizer that contains green tea

According to Katy, moisturizer is the one that makes her skin looks moist and elastic. Besides that, moisturizer that contains green tea helps Katy to deal with acne that usually appears while she is sleeping.

3. Cosmetic that contains sun screen

Sun screen is something that we must have if we want to have bright and healthy skin. But, Katy Perry rarely uses sun screen cream. “All of my cosmetics have sun screen. Besides that, I tend to avoid sunlight, and when I have tours I prefer to be in my room than take a walk. I’m like a vampire,” she said.

4. Refreshing spray

Available on cosmetic stores, this spray not only can refresh tired faces, but it also can moisten skins. Katy Perry always brings this spray in her bags. “It’s very helpful when I have my flight,” Katy said.

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