4 Phases You Need to Know about Kate Middleton Diet

kate middleton dukan diet

It was no longer a secret if Kate Middleton succeeded to reducing her weights since she was engaged with Prince William. With height 177 cm and weight 54 kg, Kate wore dress size 2 and it looked perfectly fit for her. So what was her secret?

Of course some women are relentlessly dieting when they will be married. And, this 29 years old woman was using French popular diet named Diet Dukan.

Her mother, Carole Middleton reportedly was the one who planned this diet for her daughter. Other celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez were rumored to follow this diet method. Penelope even gets her shape back after she delivered baby thanks to this Dukan diet.

Dukan diet focuses on high protein, low fat or low cholesterol foods and drinks. There are 4 phases on Dukan diet. As quoted from Hollyscoop, here are those phases:

kate middleton dukan diet
Kate Middleton

Attack phase

This first stage contains menus non-fat protein such as skinless turkey, chicken breast, low fat beef or fish as well as 1 ½ tablespoon of wheat brans. People who are on this first stage should also drink a lot of water.

Accepted cook method is by roasting the meats with spices, jamu, garlic or onion. People who follow this diet should avoid pork, nuts and fatty beef. The best part of this stage is that people can eat as many as they want to all day long. This phase lasts about 10 days.

Exploring phase

On the second stage, the menus change. You will eat vegetables. During this phase, you have to eat fiber alternately with pure protein and protein from vegetables.

During this phase, you will experience the real weight loss process and this stage lasts about three days.

Consolidation phase

The third stage, you are allowed to eat two pieces of sandwiches, one portion of cheese and fruits. You also are allowed to have two portions of carbohydrates in a day, with wine and appetizer two days per one week.

For five days you will try to reduce your weight by following this diet. You are allowed to have two days “celebrations” per week by eating junk foods such as donuts.

Stabilization phase

This is the last stage. You are allowed to eat whatever you want, as long as you repeat the first phase for a week.

This diet seems not as extreme as another diet like coffee diet or wine diet and even cheeseburger diet.


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