4 Natural Ingredients To Thicken Your Eyebrows

green tea
Most people use mascara to make their eyebrows look beautiful or thicker. Whereas, there are some natural ingredients that can make eyebrows thicker and longer. Try these ingredients:

1. Olive Oil

Before you sleep, put one drop of olive oil on your finger and apply it on your eyebrows evenly. Do it slowly and let the oil for a whole night. Wash your eyebrows in the morning.

2. Vitamin E

Take vitamin E supplement (in a form of capsule or powder) and mix the powder with water until it becomes paste. Apply the paste on your eyebrows evenly before sleeping and wash the eyebrows in the morning.

3. Green tea

Prepare one glass of warm water, and dip green tea in the glass. Dip cotton bud in the glass for a few minutes. Use the cotton bud to apply the green tea on your eyebrows.

4. Hazelnut

Take a few hazelnuts, toast them until they turned black a bit. Wait until they cool, and crush them until they become powders. Apply the powder on your eyebrows before you sleep, do it carefully and do not let the powders fall into your eyes. Do this three times a week.
Source: Austin Weston.

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