4 Home Remedies for Cholesterol

Are you doing low cholesterol diet? You must have known that butter, ice cream and meat can enhance your cholesterol level? But, do you know what kinds of foods that can reduce cholesterol level? You can find them on this article.

There is good news. To reduce cholesterol, you can consume certain foods more. A handful of these functional foods was proven to give huge impact in reducing cholesterol. Besides that, their taste are more delicious than have to drink pills with a glass of water. “They are not magical foods, but we can say that they close to magic,” Ruth Frenchman, RD, a spokesman from American Dietic Association said.

Researchers have found some foods that could control cholesterol. These foods including fish that contain fat such as salmon and tuna; walnuts, oatmeal and oat bran, also foods that are enriched by sterol and stanol from plants. Several studies have found, diet combines these super foods is as effective as cholesterol medicines in reducing bad cholesterol, LDL.

How great are these foods? FDA has reviewed researches that were related with these foods. The result, FDA released a claim that these foods were healthy foods to manage cholesterol level.

So, you have found healthy food choices to maintain your health. With these foods, you can prevent yourself from taking medicine and avoid the side-effects of those pills. You can have more choices by focusing on low cholesterol diet.

Foods that can control cholesterol levels:

1. Oat

Oatmeal riches in fiber, which can reduce LDL level. When you are digesting oatmeal, its fibers will be sticky. According to the researchers, when it reaches small intestine, the fiber will stick to cholesterol so bowel won’t absorb it. So, the cholesterol won’t absorbed to our body system, but it will be dumped.

2. Walnuts

Walnuts very good to our health because it riches with omega-3. Omega-3 is useful to reduce triglyceride level. It’s a type of fat on our blood stream. Experts are not sure yet about the process. But, omega-3 also can slow down plaque formation on artery so it will prevent blood coagulation. There was a study that showed that walnuts could reduce cholesterol level.

3. Sterol and stanol

On molecular level, sterol and stanol are seen like cholesterol. So, they can unite with cholesterol when they are going through alimentary tract. So, these two substances can prevent cholesterol absorption on blood vessels. Cholesterol will be dumped as garbage.

4. Fish

Omega-3 in fish can reduce triglyceride level. This Omega-3 will slow down plaque formation on artery and reduce inflammation on entire body.

Start low cholesterol diet

Choosing low cholesterol diet foods isn’t that easy. You need to consult with your doctors. Although change diet can help many people, but certain people still need medicines to reduce heart diseases risk.

Besides that, you need to remember that these foods can’t heal all diseases. It is better that you combine them with low fat foods, maintain healthy weight and exercise.

“Healthy diet not only about eating certain foods,” Suzanne Farrel, MS, RD, American Dietic Association spokesman said. “There is a bigger picture. You need to consume them in moderate amount, add various foods, also getting enough exercise.”

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