3 Simple Habits Korean Celebs Do To Maintain Their Beauties

Korean celebs are better-known for their dewy look makeup. They are also diligently taking care of their skin faces so they will look ageless naturally. Preview.ph recently shared some habits that these Korean celebs do to maintain their beauties. What are those habits?

1. Consuming nuts

Beautiful actress Kim Hee Ae said that she consumed nuts so she could look younger than her actual age. She is 51 now. And her habit does make sense. Peanuts contain protein, essential oils, vitamin E, vitamin A and zinc. All of these nutrition are useful for skin health.

2. Applying Eye Cream on face and neck

Korean actress Park Joo Mi, 45, doesn’t only apply eye cream on her eyes’ area. She also applies eye cream on her face and neck. According to Glamour.com, eye cream is rich in nutrition, which can prevent wrinkles and control collagen and elastin productions.

3. Diligently applying sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important to protect skin and prevent aging from direct sunlight exposure. Kim Sung Ryung is one of Korea actress who is very discipline about sunscreen usage. Besides sunscreen, the 51 years old lady is also using dark clothes. She claims that dark clothes can absorb UV rays and prevent its reflection on our faces.

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