3 Natural Ingredients for Long, Beautiful, Tapering Eyelashes

Every woman and girl wants to have long, beautiful, thick and tapering eyelashes. Eyelashes like that will make our faces look more beautiful. Besides that, they make our eyes look sharp, beautiful and charismatic.
Sadly, not all women naturally have these eyelashes. But, don’t worry. We still can use some natural ingredients to have long, beautiful, thick and tapering eyelashes:

Use hazelnut

Hazelnut is mostly used in Indonesia as spice. But, apparently it can be used to tapering your eyelashes as well.


Take 2-3 hazelnut and burn them until they turn dark. After they cold, crush them until they become powder. Mix them with water until they become paste. Before you sleep, apply the paste on the eyelashes. But, be careful not to let the paste touches your eyes. Do this at least three times a day.

Aloe Vera and Betel leaves

The second recipe, we can use Aloe Vera juice and two leaves of betel


Crush one betel leaf, then dip it in Aloe Vera juice. Mix them until you can smell the aroma of betel. After that, apply the paste on your eyelashes and wait for at least two hours.
Dip the other betel leaf in warm water and uses it to clean your eyelashes. Try to mimic the way you use mascara for your eyelashes when you use the betel leaf to clean your eyelashes.

Natural oils

Oils like olive oil, castor oil or jojoba can be used to tapering your eyelashes. The substances in those oils are not only making your eyelashes long, but also nurturing them.


Apply one of the oils on your eyelashes every night with thin brush.
Source: Yess Online.

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