3 Jamu Recipes for Young and Bright Skin

home remedy, beras kencur

There are many beauty secrets from Indonesian traditional medicine, jamu.  These spices have been used from generations to generation and are proven to maintain beauty and health of Indonesian women. So, which recipes that are useful to prevent aging and maintain young and bright skin?

Beras Kencur

This drink is very popular for traditional drink lovers. It tastes sweet, not likes other jamu. That’s why Beras Kencur is very popular. This home remedy is useful to treat loose stomach and womb. Besides that, it can be used to tighten your skin again. And, if you have many activities, beras kencur is also useful to boost your stamina because its stimulant nature.

home remedy, beras kencur

Kunyit Asam

This jamu has very typical smell. Made from tamarind and turmeric. The tamarind adds special taste to the home remedy. Kunyit asam is useful as antioxidant and to neutralize free radical effects. Vitamin C on this drink can make your skin smooth and sparkling. Besides that, this natural remedy is useful to treat mouth ulcer and heatiness.

Jamu Uyup-Uyup

This drink is well known as jamu gepyokan. Jamu uyup-uyup is made from aromatic ginger, ginger, galingale, turmeric, bangle, wild ginger and temugiring. This jamu has function to reduce odor in your body.

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