Weight Loss Drugs, Friend or Foe?

asam keping

Most people have a dream to have ideal body shape. Not only it has aesthetic value, but it also has medical value. Weight gain and increased waist circumference proportional with incidences of various degenerative diseases, for instance heart attack, diabetes and stroke. That’s why, to maintain a healthy weight is a wise option. The problem […]

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Don’t Insert Jamu to Your Femininity

Katuk leaves

After childbirth, mothers usually use jamu as parem (a pulp that is applied on skin). Whether it is applied in stomach or forehead. For instance, they make parem from rice and aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galanga) or beras kencur to treat fatigue and sores. The active substances in beras kencur will sink in skin, penetrate and […]

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Benefits of Jamu Galian Rapet for Women

When the first time you hear Jamu Galian Rapet, you will be wondering about the meaning. Galian can be translated literally to English as digging, while rapet can be translated into tight or close. For Javanese society that is so familiar with jamu as traditional medicine, this term is something common. This jamu is actually […]

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How to Make Mangosteen Tea

benefits of mangosteen

Mangosteen is a medicinal plant that is planted in tropical areas. It has purple color or brown and green leaves. Mangosteen is covered with skin that looks like a tight shell that protects its white meat. In one fruit, there are at least five to seven meats, which each looks like semicircle. We can enjoy […]

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