Health Benefit of Green Tea with Lemon

green tea

Some people in certain countries like to add lemon juice to their green tea. So, why do they add lemon juice to green tea and is that beneficial for their health? Green tea has a substance that can fight free radical, it is called catechins. Besides that, this substance is also useful to combat cancer, […]

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Simple Ways to Remove Black Spots

Black spots on face make people feel less confidence about their appearance. But, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be removed. The good news is that we don’t have to use expensive products to remove black spots. There are some natural ingredients, which we can find in our own kitchens that we can use to […]

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Homemade Tamarind Mask to Treat Acne

tamarind homemade mask

Skin problems like acne scars or black spots are annoying, but they can be cured by using facial mask treatment regularly. Now we will learn about how to use traditional recipe to make homemade facial mask to treat acne and dark spots. Prepare 15 tamarinds (tamarindus indica), a handful of  glutinous white rice and pure olive […]

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Q&A: List of Important Questions about Jamu

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

There are many questions people ask about herbal medicines. We compile some important questions into one article. If you don’t find answers for your questions, then you should check FAQ Page. Which is More Effective: Fresh Herbal or Dried Herbal? Herbal medicines such as jamu have various forms. According to research done by Health of […]

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Beware of Herbal Medicines Side-Effects

In these recent years, herbal therapy becomes a popular alternative healing procedure. But, we should be aware with the side-effects of herbal medicines. Even they are made from natural ingredients; they are still medicines and have side-effects. There was a story about a man with diabetes who suffered impotency after he regularly consumed bitter melon fruit […]

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Natural Remedies for Black Armpits

aloe vera

Blackened armpits must be a big deal for your appearance. Especially if you are someone who likes to wear a sleeveless T-shirt. If you already have blackened armpits, so no need to worry because there are many traditional ways to cope with the underarms that are blackened. 1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is one of […]

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Jamu Ice-Cream, A Fun Way to Enjoy Traditional Medicine

jamu ice cream

Jamu, as Indonesian traditional medicine, has various benefits especially for children. But, most Jamu recipes have bitter tastes that make children don’t want to consume them. But, now there is a new innovation to popularize this home remedy, which is jamu ice-cream. Ice-cream that is made using natural herbal and with the same health benefits. […]

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