2 Home Remedy for Toothache

There is saying here: it is better to have broken heart than to have toothache. The saying describes how  painful it is to have toothache that people think it is better to have broken heart than to suffer toothache. But, don’t worry about that. With these home remedies, we don’t have to suffer either broken heart or toothache (well, at least you don’t have to suffer toothache).

1. Recipe 1

Ingredients: Sun flowers (60 gram), ginger (5 gram) and water (600 cc)
Instruction: Boil all ingredient in 600 cc of water until it’s only 300 cc left. Then, strain the water and drink it while it’s warm. Do it regularly until you don’t feel any toothache.

2. Recipe 2

Ingredient: Coconut shell and cotton.

Instruction: Take coconut shell and burn it until its oil comes. Take the oil with cotton and rub it on the tooth.

Heal  Tartar

-Ingredients: Tamarindus Indica seeds
Instruction: Roast Tamarindus Indica seeds, then mash them until they become powder. Rub it on tartar with cotton or toothbrush.

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