Side-Effects and Dangers of Ratus Spa

homemade body scrub

Ratus is traditional treatment for female sex organs. Ratus is believed can heal various vaginal diseases, tighten vagina as well improve women fertility. To do this treatment, you will be asked to sit on a special chair. There is a hole in the center of the chair. Ratus potion is boiled and is put on […]

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Rice Husk Face Mask To Combat Acne

Nowadays there are many beauty products that use activated charcoal as one of their ingredients. Inspired by that, two college students at ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) created rice husk face mask. Rice husk also contained activated carbon. They called this face mask as Malami. Thanks to Malami, both of students, Siti Muzaimatul Mamnu’ah […]

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Herbal Medicines Can Make Body Immune To Germs

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

Indonesia was a country that had the biggest medicinal plants in the world. There were 40,000 medicinal plant species in the world. Around 30,000 species were found in Indonesia. But, there were only 200 medicinal plant species that were used as traditional medicines. Director of Indonesia’s Traditional Health Services, Ina Rosalina said that traditional herbal […]

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Jamu Can Heal Various Diseases, Myth or Fact?

There are many people consider traditional jamu can heal various diseases. Apparently, this is not completely correct. According to Ir. Heru D. Wardana, jamu could not heal diseases. He said, jamu basically was to prevent diseases. “Actually jamu is not medicine, jamu is more for (health) promotion and prevention. So, (jamu) improves body immune, then […]

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Can Coconut Water Heal Measles?

There are several ways Indonesian parents do when their kids get measles. One of them is giving their kids coconut water to drink. Most parents believe that drinking green coconut water can eradicate red rash and accelerate the healing process. Is it true? dr. Meta Hanindita, SpA said that there was no scientific link that […]

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Bogor Agricultural University Students Created Seaweed Facial Mask for Acne

Recently Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) students successfully found natural treatment for acne. This treatment was developed by Bintang Efrata Aprilia, Andika Fransiskayan and Mutiara Rahmawati. They created facial mask from seaweed and tea dregs. “Our innovation is called Masrutam,it stands for masker rumput laut dan ampas teh (seaweed and tea dregs facial mask). It is […]

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From Thousands Herbs, Only 21 Clinically Tested

Medication using herbal products are getting more popular today. However, there are not many herbal products that have been clinically tested in Indonesia. That’s why herbal treatment growth is not as strong as it should be. According to Deputy of Biological Science at Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Professor Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati, there were many […]

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